Medical Negligence

Doctors and hospitals often make it to the news headlines for the wrong reasons. Medical practitioners do not always act prudently and diligently, risking their patients in many different ways. We are a medical negligence compensation claim assistance firm designing litigation roadmaps for victims of negligence for over a decennium now. If you, or one of your family members, have suffered the adverse consequences of an act of negligence in recent times, we can provide you with complete guidance and also can fight corners for you in the court. Should you have queries regarding how to file a claim or related matters or you are looking for personal injury solicitors who can represent you in the court, give us a call or shoot an email to us. Our legal experts will get in touch with you shortly after that.

Medical negligence – understanding the theoretical framework

Every doctor has a specific duty of care that he/she must adhere to. Doctors must count patient care and treatment as their prime concern and should act accordingly. They should keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date so that they can diagnose and treat even the rarest of medical conditions. The increasing number of clinical negligence cases in the UK shows that some doctors are oblivious about their general duties and responsibilities. Theoretically, injury claim litigation is aimed at compensating the victims of doctor’s negligence. However, with every case filed against a doctor or hospital authority, the poor healthcare standards followed in different privately held and NHS-controlled hospitals come under the scanner. We are a legal firm advocating for the importance of filing injury claims against the wrongful acts of the doctors for quite a few years now. In our perspective, an act of negligence is not just a ‘breach of duty’; it’s a deep blow to the publics in medical practitioners and the entire healthcare system of the country.

We are a part of a law firm network and we help the victims in the best possible manner using our peer group connections and vast resources that we have accumulated across the years. We have been instrumental in a number of landmark cases and we would be happy to utilise our honed skills and experience to your benefit. If you have a query regarding how professionally we handle the medical negligence claim compensation cases, dial our number and talk directly to one of our legal experts. You can also use the form here to contact our online support team.

Doctor’s negligence – What should you claim for?

Doctor’s negligence is nothing but a doctor not meeting the standard and duty of care specific to his line of work, either intentionally or unintentionally. An act of negligence can result in manifold catastrophic consequences, pain inflicted from injury being the primary one. Besides, the injured patient may lose earning opportunities. He may become isolated from the society as a result of an act of negligence, which may lead to mental depression and trauma. You may be surprised to know that you can claim for compensation for one or all of the above-mentioned grounds. In legal terminology, all of the above effects of negligence are categorised under ‘damages’. We can quantify the damages incurred on you in the aftermath of a medical accident and we will definitely clinch the highest compensation payout in accordance with your case’s merit.
For a complete assessment of your claim and quantification of damages inflicted, get in touch with us using whichever electronic communication medium you feel comfortable with.

How can we help?

We have some of the best solicitors in England and Wales working with us and have a dedicated team of legal assistants who are here to help you out. Our key objective is to ensure the highest amount of compensation for each of our clients without making the legal procedure complicated for them. We have made the procedure of claiming compensation for medical negligence straightforward for you and you can just use our website to file a claim. Our service highlights are as follows:

• Free and no-obligation legal advice during pre-contract consultation
• Telephonic/mail based consultation (free)
• Conditional fee arrangement (wherever appropriate)
• Medical reports from experts
• Funding advice (advice about benefits and welfare money, if applicable)
• Complete estimation and assessment of damages (pecuniary damages)
• Medical treatment/rehabilitation assistance

Claims that we handle

Our services are comprehensive in nature and we are practically capable to handle any and all sorts of clinician negligence compensation claims. Here below is a list of claims from the fairly long list of claim cases managed by us till date.

• Anaesthetic awareness cases
• Brain damage negligence claims
• Birth injury negligence claims
• Cancer misdiagnosis claims
• Dental negligence claims
• GP negligence claims
• Hospital negligence claims
• Wrong prescription claims

Why choose our legal services?

We are one of the leading compensation claim legal assistance firms in the whole of England and Wales and a proud part of string network of law firms that cater to the victims of medical negligence. Here below are some key facts about our legal services that you might consider.

• Several offices in major cities (and suburbs), making the job of contacting us easier.
• No lengthy face-to-face meetings
• Complete advice on how to file this type of claim and related matters
• Flexible fee arrangements
• Having experience of handling thousands of injury claims successfully
• Extensive investigation and research
• All types of claims (small and big) are handled

Things you should know before filing a claim

We have been serving the victims of clinical negligence since our very first day in this industry. We have noticed that most victims make some common mistakes that become major hindrances in their path to securing compensation. Things that you must keep in mind before filing a case are:

Complain first: You cannot file a claim until and unless you have informed the concerned doctor/authority about the medical error. If your complaint is turned down by the authority, you can proceed towards filing a case.

Get the medical reports: Quantification of physical injuries/resulting illnesses cannot be done if you do not have the medical reports in hand.

The time limit: The general time limit for filing a medical negligence claim is three years. You cannot file a claim post that three-year period unless your case falls under the exceptions of this general rule.

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